INSPIRED | Snow White Fall 2017

INSPIRED | Snow White Fall 2017

Self portrait
$290 –

Gianvito Rossi short boots
$1,055 –

Manokhi choker necklace
$81 –


SNAP DIARIES: Food in August

WELCOME to a new series, SNAP DIARIES, in which I record the happenings of my life through collections of photos. Each diary “entry” will compose of a small collection of images under a theme that gives you a glimpse into my life in a new and unique manner. These posts will be mostly photos, so it’ll be different from my typical reading-heavy blog posts! The first entry is about something very close and dear to my heart: FOOD.

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VIDEO DIARIES: DC Trip & Thanksgiving

Introducing Video Diaries, a new series in which I share with you glimpses into my life and exciting experiences through vlogs on Youtube! 

I LOVE YOUTUBE. There, I’ve admitted it! In particular, I am absolutely obsessed with videos with high-quality filming and editing (check out Claire Marshall, Jenn Im at Clothesencounters, and Maya/Julia at TheLineUp!). And because of that love, I have always wanted to join the YouTube community and create my own content. And finally, I filmed my first two videos!

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HAUL: What I got for my birthday, 2015

On August 1, I turned 19. I am officially one year older, and (hopefully) one year wiser. More importantly, I am beginning my last year as a teenager. A year from now, I will be officially in my twenties, and my current lack of a relationship will become a much more scarier idea. But for now, there is still time for fun and games. I received some gifts, and I wanted to share it with you!

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